What Am I to Do?

My brother wrote this song. It sends chills through me. Knowing that he, when he’s brutally honest, has felt the same way I do.

I don’t care. Don’t ask me to.

That’s where God works. That uggh feeling. That fighting off of tears and empathy. That fighting off of realizing that if I actually gave a shit all of my priorities would have to change.

And here my little brother is singing about that with his beautiful voice and beautiful heart and beautiful freckles.

God works there. God is there. I thought it was worth sharing.

Lyrics below:

She walks ten miles for a cup of muddy water and I turn on the faucet to feel the water flow
And clean my hands for the fourth time today while she makes her way back home, if you can call it a home.
And she prays Lord what am I to do? Lord what am I to do?
It’s been a long day so I turn the TV on and she’s alone as her baby cries to sleep
Cause it hurts too bad to see her cry I blind myself to why not to live the way I do
And she prays Lord what am I to do? Lord what am I to do?
She makes the most of what she has builds on her faith and praises God for his grace
And love.
I love the clothes I wear the car I drive the greed that brings me power to hate
And can’t leave these behind
So Lord what am I to do? I don’t care, Oh don’t ask me to.


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