The Eye of the Storm

I’ve been talking about hurricanes a lot.

Describing God’s faithfulness in the eye of the storm. Telling harrowing tales of floods and evacuations.

Today God had something to tell me about hurricanes.

At the end of the service at my church, there’s always the invitation to come up and receive prayer. You can receive prayer specifically pertaining to the message–today it was about knowing and experiencing God—and you can receive prayer on absolutely anything that needs prayer in your life. That’s one of the (many, many) things I love about my church.

Today I went up for prayer.

I asked the woman who prayed for me to pray for vision regarding a decision I’ve been wrestling with for the past several months. I was asking for vision, but I was wanting answers, wanting God-given permission to do what I already know I want to do.

The woman had a vision for me:

“I’m getting a picture of a tornado or some kind of storm or cyclone. I don’t know why but I feel like God is saying that he is with you in the eye of the storm.”

Sheesh. Talk about apropos.*

I don’t think any metaphor could have spoken more strongly to me today.

This woman knows me, prays for me every day and I serve with her at church. But she didn’t know I had just gone to North Carolina. She didn’t know I was just in a hurricane. She didn’t know I had just experienced God’s loving presence in the eye of the storm.

That was the glory and the voice of God. Reminding me that he’s here. In the midst of the storms and the decisions.

I must admit my gut reaction is to yell, “Then get me out of the freakin hurricane!”

But his answer is different, although not something that I don’t know. In fact, I’ve been writing about and thinking about and working this metaphor out in my mind with great fervor this past week. My last blog post talked specifically about God’s grace in the storm. I said, “in the eye of the hurricane, I experienced peace, rest, and the richness of time spent with family.”

What I’d like to add now is….and God. I experienced God in the eye of the storm. Literally this last week, and he wants me to experience him now. Before the storm has passed, before the decisions are made, before all my duckies are in a row.

As I seek answers, he seeks relationship.

I think that about sums it up. This is a lesson I’m going to have to learn and relearn and learn again. And, hey, I think it’s pretty incredible that God’s using his church body to speak into my life. To remind me that he’s here with me in the eye of the storm.

And all I can say is thank you.

*Cameron, apropos means this was a very timely and opportune response. I will be initiating Big Word Wednesday this week, too.


3 thoughts on “The Eye of the Storm

  1. bloking says:

    Cameron,I also scrolled straight to the bottom knowing that she would be defining the word. I'm just lucky she didn't call me out. Here's to solidarity*Corbyn*unity

  2. Alexander says:

    Big Word Wednesday! [has a tarantist fit]**[does a jig]

  3. Fellow scholar,To solidarity. To my sister*Cameron*a female offspring having both parents in common with another offspring; butthead.

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