The Good Kind of Irony

I first started spiritual writing when I was angry at God. Like real angry. F-bomb dropping and exploding into the night sky kind of angry.

Turns out, God can take it.

Which is why, five years later, in a stroke of divine irony, I have found myself writing devotional pieces–and meaning it.

Because if God can really take all of my profanity and darkness and questions and running, and in return offer love and grace and grace and grace and more grace (do you get the point?), then why wouldn’t I find reason to praise Him? Why shouldn’t my most commonly used f-word be faith?

In a recent message on anger and doubt, my pastor said that often Jesus transforms our deepest doubts into our deepest worship.

That, I’d say, is the best kind of irony.

In case you missed it, last week I was featured in the Redemptive Pursuit’s weekly devotional for women. Please take some time to check it out and thank God for the good kind of irony.

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