Cee Lo for the Spiritual Battle

You know those days when the negative voices tell you you’re not smart enough, sexy enough, productive enough, [fill in the blank] enough?

Well, just insert these new lyrics into–as my friends refer to it–, “The happiest f* you song ever” (aka Cee Lo Green’s Forget You) with Satan as the ‘you.’ Then play on repeat. For best results accompany with fist pumps. 

“I hear you taunting in my head with words that ain’t love… and I’m like, FORGET* YOU!”

Now I’d like to keep this blog at least mildly PG-13, so I have chosen to share the edited version. While I do not normally condone or encourage foul language, I think if any situation warrants it, the battle for your very soul and identity as God’s fully loved, fully known, and fully accepted child merits a respectable exception. If you so choose to engage in The Spiritual Battle: Uncut and Unashamed, you will not find judging eyes here.

Happy singing and happy fighting.

What other renditions can you come up with?

8 thoughts on “Cee Lo for the Spiritual Battle

  1. Anonymous says:

    This blog post showed up on my feed.. and I clicked on the link because I was interested in the title.. then I became enthralled by all your writing posts. Since I was scrolling over it, I thought it was literally written by someone named Algeisha. When I realized it was you Aly, I got so pumped! You are an INCREDIBLY gifted, nay annointed, writer. You are beautiful in every way and I am grateful for the short time I got to be in your life. – Brynne "Abraham" Gluch

  2. girlhowdy says:

    OK. I'm just in love with the little guy at the beginning of the video.

  3. Audrie says:

    Kind of like my I don't give a…. theme. 🙂

  4. Aly Lewis says:

    Ah, Brynne! Haha. Maybe I should legally change my name to Algeisha. Thank you for your much-too-kind words. It encourages me to know that people may be touched by my writing. Congratulations on getting married, and I hope you are well. I know God has such big things in store for your life!

  5. Aly Lewis says:

    Indeed. Sometimes you gotta fight fire with fire. Or fire with four letter words…

  6. nowhereman says:

    heh, very cute. Cee Lo is the man.

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