My Life Was Better Before My Iphone

Before I checked my email in bed.

Before the ceaseless alerts of every Facebook message and like and friend request.

Before I played Scramble with Friends, the words reflecting in the glow of my glasses late into the night.

Before I knew the day’s forecast cuddled in my sheets, no need to open the window to let in the day’s mostly sunny partly cloudy qualities to see for myself.

Before group text ping ding donged from each room in my house.

Before GPS slashed time and distance and adventure indiscriminately.

Before relentless reachability.

Maybe not before Instagram.


One thought on “My Life Was Better Before My Iphone

  1. Solution: get an iPod Touch! It doesn't have as much accessibility, but still has apps! =)(I agree with your overall sentiment, though. I'll never have a smartphone, but my iPod often complicates life, not making it any simpler [as it's supposed to])

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