A Welcome Place for the Unwelcome Elephant

This week I have the glorious privilege of guest posting for one of my newly hatched blogger friends. Adrian’s blog, Life Before the Bucket, is one of the mighty morsels of delicious food for thought I consume on a daily basis: my blodder. He inspires me with his wit and insight, shares a passion for social justice, and is by far my best and most prolific blog commenter (the rest of you–take note).

I am happy as a hippo to share a Two Part series on what it means to live life to the fullest. So join the safari over at Adrian’s blog to check out my wrangling of the The Unwelcome Elephant and learn How I Became God’s Basking Case. And feel free to follow Adrian’s exemplary example and leave lots of tasty comments. AND be sure to check out all of his wonderful posts. 

For any of you that clicked over from Life Before the Bucket, welcome! Three important things you need to know:

1. My real name is not Algeisha

2. I have a (little more than a) thing for T.S. Eliot

3. I am so glad you’re here 

You can get to know me in my aptly named About Me section or just meander about the site, and, if you’d like to stick around, follow me on twitter or by email or any of those newfangled RSS thingeys that people seem to like by using the buttons to the right. I would love to hear from you! Please feel free to leave a comment or email me at lewis.aly(at)gmail.com.

And thank you, Adrian, for welcoming my unwelcome elephant.

*photo credit Cameron Lewis, who happens to be my brother and also happens to make and play great music. 


4 thoughts on “A Welcome Place for the Unwelcome Elephant

  1. In case you missed it… I loved your posts! =)

  2. Aly Lewis says:

    Thanks Adrian! You da best.

  3. Zee says:

    I know I wrote a comment at Adrian's blog, but wanted to once again say thanks for sharing the story.And I'm definitely bookmarking your blog 🙂 Zee

  4. Aly Lewis says:

    Thanks so much for the comment, Zee! And thanks for reading! It is a privilege to share my story.

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