Act for Justice

Have a heart for the poor? Like to take pictures, write stories, or engage in other artistic endeavors? Care about justice issues, but don’t know how to get involved?

World Vision has launched a creative activism network called ACT:S that I’d love for you to check out.

The heart of ACT:S is to “connect faith and justice through creative activism, which means we create to inspire action. We make resources like art and music, take over spaces, host events and tell stories to bring the world’s most challenging issues to life and mobilize our generation to act.”

Pretty sweet, huh?

It’s a great place find and share your activism, to inspire and be inspired. And this month, ACT:S has issued an Earth Day Challenge featuring an issue and organization that is close to my heart. I’ve shared my thoughts on the connection between poverty and the environment  and why I do what I do from 9-5 at Plant With Purpose.

What are you still doing here? Go check it out, Share your ACT:IONS, get inspired by others’ resources or tell your own story.


2 thoughts on “Act for Justice

  1. Whoa! Cool! Gonna check this out right now!

  2. Aly Lewis says:

    Let me know what you think, Adrian!

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