Promote With Purpose

Today’s post is targeted at all the bloggers out there who 

1. Need content
2. Like promoting good causes 
3. Need content

Everyone else, check out the cool things that are happening at Plant With Purpose and get involved however you feel led. 

To my blog friends:

Dear purveyors of wit and wisdom, bringers of bloggy brilliance, social media socialites and social justice activists,

Would you consider wielding the power of your platform for good this week?

April is turning out to be an especially exciting month for telling Plant With Purpose’s story of bringing environmental restoration, economic empowerment, and spiritual renewal to the rural poor–including the adorable Haitian girls pictured above.  For those who don’t know, Plant With Purpose is an organization that is very dear to my heart (and coincidentally my paycheck). 

Earth Day is coming up on Sunday April 22, 2012, and Plant With Purpose has a number of splendid promotional opportunities. From being featured on the 58 Global Impact Tour to getting our Groupon (link goes live on Monday), there is plenty to talk, write, and tweet about. These two campaigns in particular will directly support Plant With Purpose’s transformational work with matching grants, doubling the impact of your words. 

And so I humbly ask, would you, in your own quirky, creative, and blogtasatic way help us tell our story?
If so, please check out the prolific list of partnerships and events taking place this month and pick one to promote. You could blog about our challenge to Save the Earth with World Vision’s creative activist network, ACT:S, like I did on Thursday. You could retweet the sounding joy of restoring fruitfulness to the land. Or come up with your own tree-mendous Earth Day topic. For example, Rachel Held Evans is featuring Executive Director Scott Sabin in her “Ask a…” series, where he will share his thoughts on being a Christian environmentalist. Or blogger, Andrea Ward, posted an inspiring blog on her discovery of Plant With Purpose through the 58: Global Impact Tour.  
The opportunities are as bottomless as your blogs. Just respond in the comments for more information, comments, concerns, or suggestions.
Thank you in advance for your promoting prowess!
Aly Lewis and The Plant With Purpose Team

photo credit: Plant With Purpose

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