Goodbye Graces

I’ve finally done it. I’ve accomplished a feat I thought would never happen: I finally finished One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp.
Wait, what? you ask. You’ve been talking up this book for months now and you haven’t even read it all the way through?
Guilty as charged. 
When I find a book I love, that speaks my soul language, I can’t rush it. Ann’s the kind of writer that keeps me occupied with one paragraph, one line even, for days, weeks. 
Her obsession with eucharisteo, with giving thanks, for choosing to see life as gift, will–I hope–keep me occupied for a lifetime. 
Ann writes, “the only thing to rip out the tape echoing of self-rejection is the song of His serenade. One thousand gifts tuned me to the beat.”
I’ve felt it too. One Thousand Gifts has tuned me to the beat. The rhythm of love. The heartbeat of joy. The grace of gratitude. 
It’s the antidote to my burnout at work, my dissatisfaction with my body, my stress and busyness and discontent. Even the act of giving thanks is a gift. 
I ended the book, tummy down on a picnic blanket overlooking a duck pond on a reading lunch date I pulled from my “Bucket bucket” which was inspired by Ann’s commitment to counting gifts. 
These last two months before I move to Guatemala, leave my job, I am choosing to be present. Out of a bucket of uncertain tasks, I daily embark on challenges that promise certain joy. 
Here’s my week of joy in pictures: 

Take a reading lunch break with Becky to the pond–
where I finished One Thousand Gifts.

Write notes to everyone (in the office that is).
Have a picnic on the grass. 

Dress like a coworker day.

I found joy in quiet moments, in spending time with ducks–who doesn’t love ducks?–, in slack lining and bocce ball tossing with coworkers, in Bananagrams and note writing. I end this week filled. And for that I am thankful. 

Where did you find joy this week?

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Graces

  1. Funny, I've read Voskamp this year, and am reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. Loved the first, loving the second!

  2. Aly Lewis says:

    Anita, I noticed you were reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle on your Lauren Winner post. Great minds must read alike 😉

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