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Me, that is.

Do you follow Memoirs of Algeisha? 

If yes, THANK YOU! Give yourself a pat on the back for ensuring your daily dose of memoir-mania and  weekly wealth of T.S. Tuesdays. Oh, and my blogging alter ego greatly appreciates the self-esteem boost.

If no, what are you waiting for? If you occasionally stumble upon this blog via Facebook, Gchat, or other social media or random Google searches, would you consider following or subscribing for reals?

Keeping up with the Memoirs is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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AND for the next week I will plant a tree through Plant With Purpose in honor of every new follower/like/subscriber. Giving to a good cause is proven to release endorphins, so go ahead, subscribe away!

And, as always, I welcome feedback. How’s my blogging? How could I make it easier to follow along? What do you want to read more of? Know any guest posters who would like to share their love story with God?

Thanks for reading, and what are you waiting for–those trees won’t plant themselves?!


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