i carry your hearts with me (i am carry them in

This post is for my friends, my family, my church family at Coast Vineyard, my former coworkers at Plant With Purpose, and my friends who have become my family. *Warning: this post contains major doses of sap. 
After an intense I-miss-my-old-life-in-San-Diego mope fest earlier this week, I realized something.

I am not alone. 

In one of my favorite poems, ee cummings writes,

“i carry your heart with me(i carry it in 
my heart)i am never without it(anywhere
i go you go,my dear; and whatever is done
by only me is your doing,my darling)”

I am not alone because you are all with me. You are with me wherever I go. 

My room here is splattered with cards and notes and pictures you all gave to me before I left the States. So, literally, I carry your words–and the heart behind the words–with me wherever I go. 
But I also carry the moments. 
I carry the encouragement.
I carry the laughter.
I carry the hours spent tanning (and in my case, freckling)  on the cool San Diego sand.
I carry the barbecues and sushi nights and happy hours and fro yo and chips and guac and California burritos.
I carry the moments spent crying in the stairwell, hugging in the parking lot, jumping into the frigid ocean in a fit of “whimsy.”
I carry the Sundays worshiping and taking communion together, holding hands at the end of the sermon as one Body. 
I carry the happy lunches and AGMs, scheming fundraising endeavors, battling cynicism, filling out ridiculous government grant forms til 2am. 
I carry the phone the calls and family vacations and Christmas mornings hiding from Dad’s video camera. 
Today marks one month of being back in Guatemala, of eating tortillas and speaking Spanish, and trying to build a life for myself here. 
And though I’m here, what feels like so far away–miles and cultures and languages and paces of life apart–you are actually as close as my very heart. You are in my thoughts and words and conversations and prayers. You have made me who I am today. 
I carry your hearts; I carry them in my heart.
I carry it all with me. And no distance can take that away.
Thank you for your love and cards and skype dates and Heytells and Instagram convos and blog comments and prayers that have FILLED my heart this week. But most of all, thank you for who you have been in my life for so long, face to face and heart to heart. 
Here are some pics from my room: 


4 thoughts on “i carry your hearts with me (i am carry them in

  1. NicoleLeigh says:

    i am because you are, miss. you are the definition of courage, true beauty and words like no one else. love you dear!

  2. Aly Lewis says:

    Thank you, my dear. You are the definition of love and whimsy and horse whispers. Miss you mucho.

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