Surrender is not a to-do list

Surrender is not a to-do list. Not a tally of life-giving decisions to serve the God of Love. Yes, it can be a thoughtful planning, an attentive listening to what God has for me for the day, but it’s not a list of checked off items, a stacking up of good deeds.

Surrender, instead, is…

  • a whispered prayer when I get too caught up in my own problems, responsibilities, or wellbeing
  • an unclenching of my fists when I grasp too tightly to my own agenda
  • a heart posture of humility, of seeking His presence
  • a willingness to follow His way even if it means giving up attention or recognition or rest or whatever else it is I crave
  • an acknowledgement that I want what He wants MORE than I want my own way 

Today, regardless of the tasks I find myself checking off or not checking off, I will surrender.

I want Your way.



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