I’m late, I know. Forty-three hours and 38 minutes late, to be exact. My mind’s been spinning in a sea of Spanish and I missed last week’s Five Minute Friday. Heck, I missed blogging at all last week.

But I’m back. I’m parked into life in Antigua. And I’m in. I’m committed to a new year of writing and reflecting. Of sharing the moments, the thoughts, the good and the hard.

So back to Friday. To just five minutes of free writing. To a manageable chunk of writing to start the week. I missed the flash mob, but I kind still find inspiration. So here’s five minutes of free writing on the theme: dive.



With the waves of life and loss and transition, I dive for cover.

I’m caught in the riptide of failure and leaving.

I forget diving doesn’t have to be bad. Doesn’t have to be drowning. You can dive into something better, greater, different.

Diving doesn’t have to be hiding; it can be soaring.

I can plunge into the waves with my own legs and arms.

Diving is about choice.

All day long I allow my thoughts to swan dive into negativity. I dip into the dark corners of escape, ignoring those around me, the life around me, the gifts around me.

OR I could dive into Love.

Fall forward into love.

I could dive into gratitude.

I could dive into joy.

The choice is mine.

The choice, too, is yours.


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