T.S. Tuesday: A Mess Into A Message

“Success is relative: It is what we can make of the mess we have made of things.” T.S. Eliot


I’ve been a thinking a lot about messes lately, trash specifically. Trash and pollution and the mess we make of our world.

I just starting helping out Seres, a really cool organization, that is all about making something beautiful out of our messy world. Literally. I learned today that one of their past projects, “Building with Basura” involved students turning trash–plastic bottles–into the building material used to construct a new tree nursery that will reforest devastated landscapes.

What’s more, their mess became their message as these students used the “eco-bricks” project to educate the community about the waste and pollution problems that threaten air and water quality, and, subsequently, the community’s health and wellbeing.


You’ll probably hear much more from my Seres Soapbox over the next few months, but I couldn’t help sharing this oh-so-tangible example of T.S. Eliot’s description of success.

And it’s not just the environment we make messes of. We make messes of our lives. Our  relationships. Our filing cabinets.

But there is re-creation. Restoration. Re-visioning.

The chance to own up to our messes and begin the hard work of making something beautiful.


Also, check out Hug It Forward, an NGO that builds SCHOOLS out of plastic bottles. Too much good stuff.

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