She Spoke Love


My mom and I saying goodbye before I flew back to Guatemala.

It’s Five Minute Friday again! And today’s topic is a bit off the beaten trail. Today’s challenge is What mama did

Be prepared for a tear jerker because today I was asked to tell all about what my mama did that made her mine, in just five minutes. Here it goes.


Five minutes of what my mama did. I could write five years and not even begin to tell the story. But then again five minutes takes the pressure off. All I can give is a glimpse.

In a glimpse: My mom cried. And prayed. And listened.

She let me cry. In fact, she’s almost the only one who sees me cry.

She fought lies. She affirmed truth.

With her I could dredge up my darkest, ugliest doubt or fear and voice it. I could spit it out, bitter, acidic. “They hate me. No one likes me.” Or let it slip through heaving sobs. “I’ll never want to write again.” Later I would use it mockingly, knowing it would hurt her to know I thought so little of myself. “I’m fat. I’m useless. I’m dumb.”

But no matter my intent, her response was the same. She spoke truth. She never joked. She never threw it in my face. She affirmed me. She affirmed the spark of God in me.

You’re beautiful. You’re smart. You’re loved. Just. As. You. Are.

My mom listened. My mom saw through the pain. My mom spoke through the pain. She spoke words of love and hope and truth. She voiced the Love I would later find in my own spiritual journey. Hers is the voice I want to copy when loving my friends, when encouraging coworkers, when writing the love story of this blog.

My mom spoke love. My mom speaks love. My mom showed me Love.

Thank you, Mom, for what you did and what you continue to do. I love you.

Five Minute Friday
This post is part of Lisa Jo Baker’s Five Minute Fridays. Every Friday, we turn off our inner critics and perfectionists and just write for five minutes straight. Zero editing. Just a stream of conscious free for all. And then we all link up and encourage each other. To learn more about Five Minute Friday and how you can participate click  here.

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8 thoughts on “She Spoke Love

  1. Sarah says:

    I love your post. I especially like how you compared your mother’s heart with the heart of so many other mothers. Great perspective.

  2. Mothers are special. Too many, especially today, don’t realize it. Truly it is mothers who convert a house to a home. Embrace your mom for the yesterdays, the todays and the tomorrows.

  3. Kay Harkins says:

    She showed you God–the best a mom can do. You are blessed, and so is she because she has a daughter who can comprehend her devotion.

  4. Elaine says:

    A lovely and spontaneous tribute! Beautiful.

  5. Anne Moore says:

    I love your mama, too!

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