Five Minute Friday: Imagine

11463_167909332803_3492516_nImagine a world with no burnout. My world with no burnout.

I used to imagine, hope, dream, plead for a world with no suffering, no pain, no poverty.

Instead, I imagine a life in full color. Fully engaged. Every word flowing from my brain a living, breathing spark of the divine.

I imagine the ideas swirling to bursting. The sleeplessness from anticipation of the next day’s work, the next day’s challenge.

I imagine a world where I know my place, my calling, my vocation. It’s hard to not just look back–to what I had and what I lost. To what has not yet been restored.

But imagine means to think of something new. Something not yet tested or found wanting.

Today I imagine work or writing or encouragement that FILLS to overflowing. That brings hope and life to others. That serves and glorifies the One who placed this vocation, these skills, this hope within me. I imagine a work that relieves, if just for a short while, if just for one person, suffering and pain and poverty.

I imagine and I wait.


Five Minute Friday
This post is part of Lisa Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday prompt, Imagine. Every Friday, we turn off our inner critics and perfectionists and just write for five minutes straight. Zero editing. Just a stream of conscious free for all. And then we all link up and encourage each other. To learn more about Five Minute Friday and how you can participate click here.

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7 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Imagine

  1. Esther says:

    “Imagine means to think of something new. Something not yet tested or found wanting.”
    Agree! 🙂 Without an imagination, we would not want to achieve anything, even if it’s a good thing for God. But thankfully He has given us an imagination “That serves and glorifies the One who placed this vocation, these skills, this hope within me (us).”

    Dropping by from Lisa Jo 🙂
    Have a great weekend!


  2. ah… burnout. he and i are such good friends. but i also find God right there and closest in those seasons. maybe that is why He keeps bringing me back.

  3. Erin Mullins says:

    Great Post!!! I hope you have a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by my blog! 🙂


  4. Elizabeth P says:

    I read your third paragraph, Aly, and thought to myself, “Has she been reading Henri Nouwen?!” What a picture of life fully alive, surging from your truest self in God out to the world that needs what you bring of Him so desperately. I’m saying a prayer right now that this season brings the untested, the unknown, the so-far-unimagined deeper purpose of Aly closer to the surface, layering on all you have already become, done and known.

    • I love Henri Nouwen, so it brings me great joy to know my writing made you think of him. Thank you so much for your beautiful, encouraging words and prayer. I pray that you too would be experience the joy of being fully alive as you live out and write out your vocation and calling.

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