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2017: Year of Creativity


While lying in bed this morning, nursing Aidan and mindlessly swiping through Instagram posts, God spoke. God can speak through Instagram. I really believe that.

I’d been percolating about my New Year’s goals. Trying to find a more palatable way to present the goal I always have: write more.

Write more. 

Write more. 

Write more.

That phrase is a chorus I mumble half-heartedly. It’s become more of an echo of defeat than a spark of desire.

Yet, deep down, I want to write more. I need to write more. I am most fully alive when I am writing. I’m wired that way.

So when a friend posted about Coffee + Crumbs’ Year of Creativity –a writing challenge and community for mothers–I knew God was speaking to me. Inviting me into something new. Something much needed.

I’ve never been a big fan of “Mommy blogs.” I have an (albeit unfounded) perception of “Mommy blogs” as pages filled with stories of poop and snot and crying-it-out and a space to bemoan that “it goes so fast.”

But for the mothers I know who actually blog, Michelle, Jordan, Lauren, that’s not the case.  Sure, their kids make an appearance on their blogs, but what makes their blogs universally appealing is their vulnerability. They write about life and God and what they’re learning, which may or may not include reflections on parenting and their wee ones.

My goal in writing is vulnerability as well. Being honest with myself. Inviting others into the mess, the questions, and the joy. When you’re vulnerable about any part of your life, there’s a chance it will touch someone else who can say “me too.”

And that’s what happened to me this morning. I clicked to learn more about the Year of Creativity and read,

“What would it look like if you gave yourself permission to be inspired by motherhood?

What would it look like if you gave yourself a little bit of time and a little bit of space to stretch your creative muscles instead of plopping on the couch with Netflix every night?

If you have a desire to:
Make creativity a regular part of your self-care
Rediscover a love of writing
Connect with other creative mothers

…you belong here.”

I read those goals and my heart resounded ME TOO! (and my eyes filled with tears)

That’s just the re-framing I needed. I don’t want to simply write more this year. I want to enjoy writing more. I want to be excited to write more. I want to love writing more.

I want to LOVE writing AGAIN.

And I believe the Year of Creativity can help me get there.

I am the queen of re-naming things. I spent a whole year calling God “Love” because the term “God” held too much baggage.

Instead of a New Year’s “goal” or “resolution,” my New Year’s desire is to fall in love with writing again.  To learn to connect with myself, with others, with God again through this medium.

I’m hopeful–excited even–to get started, to get writing, to get creating. To be a person who creates–creates meaning, creates memories, creates connections. That’s what I want-need-crave-desire for the next year. I want to be a mom-a person-who is fully alive, fully connected, and fully creating.

Here’s to 2017: Year of Creativity!


What are your desires for the New Year?

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